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2Toms Skin on Skin

$99.99 NZD

Skin on Skin

Blister Prevention and Treatment

2Toms® Skin-On-Skin® brand incorporates advanced formula hydrogel to provide long-lasting protection and flexibility second only to your own skin.

Soothing Protection

Skin-On-Skin® provides superior cushioning and friction reduction and resists sweating and rubbing.  Skin-On-Skin also hydrates and softens the skin, bringing instant relief for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts or anyone with skin irritation. Soothe blisters, chafing and stings instantly with Skin-on-Skin!

Skin-on-Skin is ideal for treating:

• Blisters

• Minor dermal abrasions

• Activity related skin irritations

• Chafing

• Poison ivy

• Insect bites and stings

Re-sealable Packaging

2Tom's Skin-On-Skin is packaged in re-sealable jars and is available in 2 convenient sizes.