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66fit Adult Female Pelvis Anatomical Model

The 66fit Adult Female Pelvis Anatomical Model is life sized and presented on a stand.


  • Material: Washable PVC
  • Life Size
  • Presented on a stand



This is very similar to the male pelvis, however the differences between the two can be seen listed as follow:

Female Pelvis:
Pelvis Shape: Short and broad
Pelvis Cava: Like a barrel
Aperture Pelvis Superior: Rounded
Sacrum: Broad and short
Angles of pelvis arch: 90 - 100 degree
Symphysis pubica: Short and broad

Male Pelvis:
Pelvis Shape: Long and narrow
Pelvis Cava: Like a funnel
Aperture Pelvis Superior: Heart-like
Sacrum: Long and narrow
Angles of pelvis arch: 70 - 75 degree
Symphysis pubica: Long and narrow