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66fit Swivel Seat Cushion

$40.00 NZD

Minimise stresses and strains with the 66fit Swivel Cushion.

The 66fit swivel transfer cushion offers unrestricted 360 degree rotation to help patients and their carers to move into and out of chairs, car seats and beds easily.

Use of the revolving rotary cushion minimises risk of injury from unnecessary twisting and turning, thereby reducing stress and strain to the back and other sensitive areas.

The 66fit swivel aid is widely recommended by the medical profession for patients suffering from reduced mobility due to accident or injury and in post-operative care often following back operations and hip replacement surgery.

Why Choose the 66fit Revolving Swivel Cushion?

Manufactured to a high standard the 66fit rotating swivel cushion is a versatile, easy-to-use product designed with practicality, portability and easy storage in mind.

Our mobility cushion is a flexible disc manufactured in two connected rotating parts. The base features a non-slip side for safety whilst the top section is filled with a soft polyester foam lining and covered in 100% breathable cotton for comfort. Our cushions are lightweight, washable and discreet.

Each swivel cushion is suitable for most types of chair, car seats and beds. Also suitable for uncomfortable stadium and theatre seating.


  • The 66fit Swivel Seat Cushion mobility aid is designed to facilitate easy transfer into/ out of chairs, car seats and bed.
  • Easily rotates to minimise risk from unnecessary twisting and turning.
  • Ideal for anyone with reduced mobility, back or hip problems. Invaluable aid for carers.
  • Non-slip base for safety. Padded top cushion for comfort.
  • Lightweight. Discreet. Washable.

Colour: Blue
Dimensions: 44cm x 44cm x 3cm
Main Material: Cut PU foam.
Made In: China