66fit Trampoline - Black - 95cm

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A Fun Way to Keep Fit and Active!

The 66fit trampoline is lightweight, compact and easy to set up in under 5 minutes: simple screw the 6 legs to the base of the trampoline and you’re ready to go. All the legs are fitted with non slip rubber foot caps.

Our 66fit Trampoline is compact enough to fit in most rooms of the house so you can comfortably exercise at home. As the legs simply screw to the base the 66fit Trampoline can quickly be stored away when not in use.

Why Choose the 66fit Trampoline?

The 66fit Trampoline is a fun and effective form of aerobic exercise which can be done in the comfort of your own home or part of a circuit training routine.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve cardiovascular health, strengthen up or improve your balance the 66fit Trampoline is perfect for you!

The 66fit Trampoline is suitable for anyone suffering with injuries to their joints as the trampoline absorbs the shock and vibration caused when running, jumping and sprinting during a workout.


  • 95cm diameter, 23cm tall with a maximum user weight of 125kg
  • Springs covered by PVC for added safety
  • Easy assembly – 6 screw on legs attach to base
  • Robust 25mm square steel frame
  • Heavy duty triple stitched nylon surface

Colour: Black
Dimensions: 95cm x 23cm x 95cm
Main Material: Steel/Nylon
Packed Weight: 7.9kg