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Axign Flip Flops / Jandals

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Designed by a team of orthopaedic footwear experts and medical professionals, Axign Flip Flops are summer shoes that mold and conform to bumps and arches of an individual's foot.

Made from innovative dual-density Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) material, the inner sole will soften with body heat and provide optimum comfort and arch support for the wearer.

The most important feature of the Flip-Flops is the orthopaedic design of the shoe.

Sizing Chart

When selecting the right size, the best indicator of your shoe size is to refer to the shoes you wear and spend the most time in. Us the sizing chart to compare your shoe's sizes.

When fitting to half size, always select the closest size up. For example, if size 8.5 follow size 9.