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NeuroTrac Digital Tens Machine - NT3

$199.50 NZD


The NeuroTrac Dual Channel Digital TENS Machine unit is an advanced and modern digital dual channel TEN Machine featuring 12 built in and 2 custom programmes to cover a wide range of pain management. Very simple to use this unit is used throughout the NHS.

Dual Channel TENS
High Efficiency Tens unit for improved pain relief
11 pre-set programmes and 3 custom programmes giving a high degree of flexibility to set up the programme to meet your individual requirements
Improved Pulse Shape that keeps its shape intact at high current loads resulting in improved pain relief
Lock mode to record time in use and average current used.
2 year warranty
Proven TENS unit for reliability

The NeuroTrac Tens Machine comes complete with:
1 x 9V Battery
One Packet of 50mm x 50mm skin electrodes
Two Lead Wires
Operating manual
Plastic carry case
Manufactures 2 year warranty on the machine only.

The NeuroTrac range of Tens machines by Verity Medical are one of very limited number of manufacturers machines available anywhere that have been tested in Sweden by the Stockholm Institute and passed their rigerous testing and their very strict standards even though they already have recieved a CE certificate

TENS will help with these types of pain and many others.
Arthritis, Post Operative Pain, Lumbago, Sports Injury, Phantom Limb Pain, Skeletal Pain
Headaches, Foot Pain, Knee Pain Muscle Ache, Chronic Pain, Neuralgia
Whiplash Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo Arthritis,Period Pain, Cancer Pain, Back Pain
Leg Pain Joint Pain Long Term Pain, Chest Pain General Pain, Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, Muscular Shoulder Aches, Travel Sickness, Tension, Rheuma Nausea Stomach Pain, Tooth ache, Neck Pain, Abdominal Pain