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Neurotrac Sport XL 4 Channel Neuro Pulse Stimulator - EMS

$460.35 NZD

The NeuroTrac Sports XL (also known as Neuro Pulse Stimulators) from Verity Medical is an advanced and modern four channel STIM unit with support for 4 lead wires. It features 21 built in sports and muscle rehabilitation programmes and 3 custom programmes. Model number ETS 201

The NeuroTrac Sports XL is a professional unit that has a wide variety of functions including muscle building, toning, rehabilitation and cellulite reduction.

5 segment programmes can be customised to meet the most demanding user.

Energise, Revitalise, Train !

Warm muscle up prior to exercise, Capillary increase blood flow), Endurance training, Resistance training
Muscle recovery, Active recover, Increase blood flow, Maximum force muscle training, Explosive force muscle training, Explosive strength training, Mass muscle contraction
Resume training, Lipolysis - Anti cellulite, Muscle toning, Muscle calming, Muscle rehabilitation and repair.

This product comes with one set of 4 Electrodes