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OS1st OrthoSleeve WS6 Wrist Sleeve

$33.04 NZD

Designed using Compression Zone Technology which provides medical grade support & graduated compression to ease the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome & general wrist pain. Soft, hypo-allergenic gel stabilizer zones keep the sleeve in position while providing extra support & stabilisation where needed the most. This patent-pending device is the only graduated compression wrist support available today. Graduated compression is proven to reduce swelling & fatigue & the pain associated with swelling. Relieves Carpal Tunnel pain, Arthritis pain, improves circulation & reduces swelling with one light, comfortable wrist sleeve.

Sizing Chart:

Measure above wrist circumference (cm)

Small 13-15cm

Medium 16-18cm

Large 19-21cm

X-Large 22-24cm