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RockTape Rocksauce Ice

$24.99 NZD

You love the feeling of ice on an injury? Get the same strong chill from Rocksauce ice! It relieves muscles and joints with strong 6% methanol and other active ingredients that provide a powerfully icy cooling sensation.

Combined with Arnica, Green Tea and Aloe, RockSauce Ice soothes more than your brain with natural ingredients to reduce swelling and keep skin irritation-free.

The convenient 3oz massaging roll-on-bottle means your hands stay clean and clear of our powerful active ingredients.  Take it anywhere, apply anytime with no mess and no hassle.  

Menthol for Pain

The menthol in RockSauce Ice, called an analgesic, creates a powerful cooling sensation that stops pain* fast.  You'll feel it working instantly and it lasts for hours.

Stronger vs Competition

RockSauce Ice, includes 6% menthol, the active ingredient that provides pain* relief.  THe most popular cooling roll-on only includes 4% - a difference of over 30%.  Trust us, it's a difference you and your muscles and joints need.