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Hike Formthotics™ are designed for outdoor enthusiasts, providing the optimum combination of natural support and comfortable cushioning.

Formthotics™ Sport Hike Dual are designed for the outdoor enthusiast - whether a light day hiker or a serious mountaineer.

Utilising the Dual Density Formax™ the optimum combination of natural support and comfortable cushioning is achieved.

Shaped to fit the modern hiking and walking shoes, Hike Formthotics™ provide precise support to improve balance, reduce stress and fatigue, and stop the unwanted movement in the shoe that can cause blisters.

With the shape and support provided by Hike Formthotics™ there is greater contact surface to the ground so you can be more aware of the terrain beneath your feet and the change in surfaces.

Hike Formthotics™ also are excellent at insulating your feet to keep them warm and dry.

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